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The Real Movement Solution Ultimate Sandbag Workout


Ultimate Sandbag Workout the Movement Solution

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist

It is the BIGGEST thing we have done in quite some time. I don’t say such a thing casually or to hype up something. DVRT Restoration is a project we have been working on for over a year! Why so long? Because developing a whole new way of seeing improving movement with the Ultimate Sandbag workout wasn’t something we took lightly.

First and foremost is because this is NOT just another workout program!! When Josh and I asked ourselves, “what does the industry need most?!” We didn’t just ask ourselves. We went to fitness professionals, strength coaches, and therapists to find out how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training could be a solution that nothing else had provided.

One of the biggest challenges that everyone kept reflecting upon was the need to improve people’s movement while also satisfying their goals of looking and performing better. That of course is a HUGE challenge for any professional, how do you get people doing what they need AND want! Could we make our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs the best of everything?

Much the solution was changing how people thought of corrective exercise and strength in general. We felt confident we could accomplish such a lofty goal because our family actually lives the results ourselves.

Ultimate Sandbag Workout Programs for Better Movement, Injury Resistance, and Health

We have written A LOT about our own personal health challenges. I think it is important though, after all, having you know where EVERYTHING starts with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is one of our core values. We NEED you to know that we live everything we share with you, the problems, the solutions, all of it.

No better example was when we had stared writing DVRT Restoration, about two weeks later Josh’s 25 year injured low back disc just went! Three surgeries less than a month left him pretty beaten up. You can imagine when he said to me, “what do you think I should do?” My reply of, “you know what to do”, maybe didn’t go over so well at first.

I was being honest though, outside of some soft-tissue work, there was no exercise that was going to help him in physical therapy. Most of all I told him what a wonderful opportunity to REALLY test what DVRT Restoration could do.

We had tested it on enough people to know it could drastically change mobility and flexibility, but what about something pretty serious? Being told it was going to be two years until he would have full use of his right leg and seeing THIS picture within the first six months was incredibly exciting! Trying to explain to my neurologist how our Ultimate Sandbag workout plans were so impactful even got HIM interested!

Having then taught Restoration in Tokyo, Seattle, and LA really just charged us up! Seeing how FAST and INSTANTLY people’s movement, pain level, and performance were changing led us to be SO EXCITED to release DVRT Restoration to more people. Seeing how our Ultimate Sandbag workout programs could change people was the coolest experience.

Like I said though, DVRT Restoration is NOT just another program. During that over year period we took the science of movement, rehabilitation, and functional strength and looked to really combine those elements into something special.

This isn’t a workout program, but a comprehensive course on corrective exercise, strength, and restoring movement the most effective and efficient ways possible. As a physical therapist, I can tell you how much I wish WE had been taught these concepts in school. Restoration has even changed how I approach working with patients, yes, I have NO problem saying such a thing!

So, what is DVRT Restoration?

-9 Training Modules

-70 Instructional Videos

-4 Hours of cuing, programming, and techniques

-A chance to earn continuing education credits that REALLY help you!

How well does DVRT Restoration work? Recently, Strength Coach, Joel Guntermann emailed me a video of one of his interns who was battling sciatica pain and how it impacted his movement. He immediately applied some of our DVRT Restoration concepts and not only did his pain greatly reduce, but look what happened to his movement..

This is one of the few times that I won’t say that I hope that you check out our DVRT Restoration program, but that if you really want to change how you move, feel, and perform you have to check it out! Ultimate Sandbag workout plans and your functional fitness will never be the same. Best of all, we have done everything we can to make it more accessible to you can get it $100 its regular price for a VERY limited time HERE.

You can either be changing how training is done, or live the life of insanity and try doing the same thing while expecting a different result. Which is it going to be?! Yes, you will be SHOCKED at how an Ultimate Sandbag workout can transform everything!

Check out what fitness veteran, Elizabeth Andrews, had to say about DVRT Restoration..

“I absolutely loved the DVRT Restoration Course. It was so well organized and thorough, in the way it was delivered and laid out. This course did an amazing job in ‘bridging the gap’ which is the buzz trend at the moment to the rehab world and the strength world. But here’s the thing. It is all about moving well and with purpose and in doing so, the strength, will come and the imbalances will correct. It was a humbling experience and the best way. This education, when applied, does and will make you stronger in life and in performance. I was honored to be a part of the program and would love to experience it again and again. This course is rich with nuggets. Josh has a way of communicating the information, so that all and any level, can absorb it and quickly go and apply it. Awesome course!! I would recommend this for any clinician and coach/trainers!!” 

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