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Ultimate Sandbag Training Exercises for Better Shoulders

How many times have we heard the old saying, “if something appears too be too good to be true, then it probably is?” Most of the time I would say that life has taught me this to be pretty true. However, not when it comes to fixing how people move! Of course you might find that Ultimate Sandbag Training is going to play a big role!

I should know! My life has been filled with far more “issues” than amazing athletic moments. Whether it was destroying my right ankle on the Chicago basketball courts, tearing both rotator cuffs when I was in high school lifting, herniating a lumbar disc when I was just a teenager, searching for solutions has long been something I’ve strived for in life.

That is why when I FINALLY began to really understand how the body works, things changed. Seriously, I know I had three back surgeries just over a year ago, but that was inevitable. What was crazy was how fast I have recovered from surgeries that would put most people down for a few years. 

It isn’t too good to be true, it is understanding the body. In order to really illustrate this point, I did a little test recently. I wanted to show people how understanding the body yields some pretty amazing results. 

So, I did a classic shoulder test. I knew this would be interesting as my cervical fusion has had a big impact to my shoulder mobility at rest (yea, I told you I was a mess!). Stretching, doing mobility work, all that is good, but it doesn’t really improve my shoulder mobility. That is because the shoulder is just a symptom, not a cause. 

sandbag training

The REAL problem for me (as it is for most people) is that my body gets lazy during the day. I spend more time in a chair than I would really like and my body turns off what it doesn’t need to use sitting in a chair. Which is a lot!

Combine that with a very extensive history of injuries and you have the perfect recipe for your body trying to do everything it can to protect itself and also being lazy. When these stabilizers turn “off” your body starts going into flexion with everything. That includes shutting down the mobility of your shoulders and hips. 

Instead of focusing on the symptom (the shoulders) I placed emphasis on turning these stabilizers back “on”. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises that look like they have NOTHING to do with my shoulders. If you think that, then you miss how the body is really connected. 


We have long taken about the major chains of the body involving the lat, core, and glutes. If you can train this chain, some pretty crazy things can happen in improving the way the body moves. So, while these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises looked like they had NOTHING to do with my shoulders, the reality is they had EVERYTHING to do with them. 

Using exercises that targeted my chains, look what happened to my shoulder flexibility in about 3 minutes. Most people would think that was weeks worth of work, but it was just that, about 3 minutes. 

This isn’t magic, but using exercises that focuses on how the body is designed to move and not treating it as such Frankenstein combination of muscles. When you do so, it will appear as though you ARE using magic! 

The reason I can keep healthy and relatively pain free with all that my body has gone through is because I focus on these concepts when I train. Sure, I might have a bad day after doing something stupid, but I always know the remedy and that is key!

Nothing can ruin a great fitness goal or the general good feelings in life like pain. When you can improve how people move quickly you do more than just give them a great workout, you change their whole life! That is what we want to do with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, give YOU the tools to change your or your clients’ lives!

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