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Serious Ultimate Sandbag Training Strength

sandbag training

I love honesty, even if it is not always what I would like to hear. That is why when I read a post by an individual admitting he just couldn’t believe a “bag of sand” could build great strength I wasn’t offended, I actually appreciated it. You see, it is hard to make DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training make sense to people if I don’t hear what they are really thinking.

Trust me, I know this fitness professional is far from the only one that believe that a “bag of sand” can’t get one strong. You might wonder why I keep putting “bag of sand” in quotation marks? That is because the Ultimate Sandbag is far from anything like just another bag of sand just as much as an Olympic lifting barbell is just a random piece of metal.

We have spent the last thirteen years engineering and refining the Ultimate Sandbag and it might be one of the most highly engineered tool. Sure you might be scratching your head and thinking, “sure Josh, whatever!!” However, I will tell you that engineers hate our Ultimate Sandbag because there aren’t really any other implements where the internal load is shifting and this impacts how to design the implement because the impact changes every rep. Then there is designing the handles to meet the majority of people’s biomechanics, not too wide, not too narrow, not too long, not too short. Yet, I digress.

sandbag training

Can DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training be a serious strength tool? Well, if you use it in the manner it was designed and not just a substitute for a barbell in can do that and so much more! If you have ever used an Ultimate Sandbag you quickly realize that the weight of an Ultimate Sandbag is not equal to that of a barbell. Due to leverage, dimension, and instability, the Ultimate Sandbag always feels significantly heavier.

That is something that so many people miss, as our Ultimate Sandbags get heavier, they also become larger. This add a whole new dimension to training that make DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training truly a serious strength training tool! Especially when we hit our Burly Ultimate Sandbags. Yes, you can get strong with our other sizes, but if we want to start lifting some serious weight and focus on movement strength then we have to see the other side of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training.

Funny how once you give someone a 100 pound plus Burly Ultimate Sandbag their attitude about “strength” changes quite rapidly. Any typical exercise like a Front Loaded Squat, Bent Over Row, MAX Lunge, or even an Overhead Press feels COMPLETELY different and intense with a Burly Ultimate Sandbag.

sandbag training

However, how can you build serious strength with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training? Just because we increase load or size of Ultimate Sandbag doesn’t mean we get away from our movement based principles. Combining greater loads, bigger Ultimate Sandbags, and movement becomes a game changer in helping DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training produce some pretty serious and unique functional fitness gains.

One great example of using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training in a smart way for real world strength is this complex by strength and conditioning coach, Joel Gunterman. You see DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training doesn’t see strength as just moving up and down, but how we can lift and build strength in many directions and angles. What quickly happens is you find weaknesses you never knew existed, ways to add purposeful variety, and understand why most strength training programs are so limited!

Just try keeping up with Joel for 3 reps a side every minute on the minute for 15 minutes and you will get a new appreciation for what DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can do for both strength and conditioning.

Is this just for the guys though? Of course not! What is cool about the Ultimate Sandbag is that we can change the weight or use a different internal load like dry rice to give dimension to the Ultimate Sandbag. However, Jessica didn’t want you to think she was bussing out for this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout! She implemented a 60 pound Burly and kicked some serious butt!

As you can see, what we get from DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is not trying to keep up with the typical barbell workout for strength, rather, opening up a whole new way to see real world fitness and strength. The way we were designed to move and function creates results we wanted, but truly didn’t think was possible. Of course the only way to really find out is to try for yourself!

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