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Set 20 and GO!

Set 20 and GO!-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

It is Thanksgiving here in the US, so we are going to keep this short and sweet! We have a great workout by DVRT Coach, Jon-Erik Kawamoto. Easy break down. 20 minutes, as many repetitions as you can in that 20 minutes. What weights? These are recommendations, you can use what you need, but try if you can to follow these guidelines. 

Women Under 140: 40 Pound Strength Ultimate Sandbag

Women Over 140: 60 Pound Strength Ultimate Sandbag

Men Under 180: 60 Pound Burly Ultimate Sandbag

Men: 180-210: 80 Pound Burly Ultimate Sandbag

Men Over 210: 100 Pound Burly Ultimate Sandbag

You can post your results HERE and we may have some prizes (wink wink) for the highest scores! 

You can check out Jon-Erik’s site HERE