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She Beats Most Guys | Ultimate Sandbag Training

How Having Grace and Strength will Give You An Edge | DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

It has been one of the hardest lessons I have had to learn.

Most of us get into the fitness industry with the singular goal to help people make signifianct changes to their lives. So to ever really say no to someone is a really hard thing.

For almost ten years I have wanted people to say “yes” to DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Yet, recently, I found myself being really comfortable in saying no.

After running two great DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training certifications I realized that our program really isn’t for everyone. I had a moment where I was watching DVRT Master Instructor, Steve Di Tomaso teach the group about the various complexes and combinations DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training has to offer. Listening to him speak and then watching people pick up movements more and more was really a beautiful thing.

The more I watched I could only help but really begin to not dislike, but despise the idea of “sandbag training”. I thought back of an article I read where someone was trying to sell the idea of “sandbag training” being about building “brute” strength.

Man how unfortunate. How could really believe this as I watched people of all sorts of different fitness backgrounds move with grace, athleticism, and yes, strength.

I’ve been there, I’ve been about brute strength in my past. I was even pretty good at it, yet, it was probably the most least satisfying time in my fitness life. Something was missing, the strength and fitness I was building almost just seemed empty.

Now watching how people improve not just their strength, but their movement, their coordination, their inner athlete, I found what I thought I had lost.

Some of you may think I’m “soft”, I’m not really into working or hard and building something real. Well, let me share with you these videos from Michelle at Envision Fitness. I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle, but I know she has spent a lot of time learning from DVRT Masters, Steve Di Tomaso and Kari Negraiff.

Here is this feminine young lady, she can lift with the strength and power that many guys can not replicate. Yet, she could also move with the grace and athleticism that most of use truly strive to achieve. You CAN have it both! However, you have to be willing to change. The way you see strength, the way you see fitness, they way you choose to move.

Maybe you can be more hardcore, maybe you can grunt louder, but can you truly produce the results that are possible when you absorb, practice, and apply the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training techniques. Let the results be the judge!