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Should You Exercise When You Hurt?

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As a coach over the past 25 years I gouda the biggest challenges wasn’t getting someone to just achieve a specific fitness or cosmetic goal. The BIGGEST challenges derived from those that had fitness/cosmetic goals, but by the way also hurt in some area of their body. That can feel overwhelming as a coach because JUST addressing maybe a problematic area is one thing, but doing so and having a client be happy moving forward with goals that may be even contrary to the health goes can be tough.

That has led to A LOT of different views of exercising if you hurt or even have an injury. I wanted to filter some of that incredible amount of information and give some insights from an actual medical professional and someone with tons of experience. So, I hope after you listen to the discussion that physical therapist, Jessica Bento and I had, you have a lot more answers and direction to what to do in these cases.

Feel free to email us with questions (we may ask to use for future videos and/or blog posts) at info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com

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Listen to the audio only HERE

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