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Shoulder Mobility Gone Wrong?

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Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator DVRT Restoration Certification, DVRT Rx Shoulder, Knees, Pelvic Control, & Gait Courses)

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Is there anything wrong with wanting to improve one’s shoulder mobility? Generally no! Most of us sit too much and don’t move nearly enough, that’s just our current reality. So, it makes sense trying to improve our shoulder mobility would be a good thing. Why in the world would I have an issue of shoulder mobility training like you see below?

shoulder mobility

Many times when I see people promote this or that shoulder mobility exercise, it typically is more a demonstration of mobility rather than how to build better movement. If you are limited in your shoulder mobility and try to perform such drills you can really “jam” the joint and/or compensate in other areas of the body. More importantly, are we actually following any concepts of developing better shoulder mobility.

The question most people don’t ask if WHY do we have such issues with shoulder mobility? There are MANY reasons that this could occur from structural changes, cervical problems that cause compensation, even imbalanced training. While we can obviously change our training programs and have better balance of pulling compared to pushing drills, there is much more we can do to positively impact our shoulder mobility.

Like what?

When our body has instability from the lower body, core, and even areas of our body like our hands, we can cause your body to create tightness. That means when we increase our stability throughout the chains that impact our shoulder movement we can greatly increase our shoulder mobility.

Wait, the shoulder mobility issues don’t have to be coming directly from the shoulder? Yes! That is the key to understanding and then using functional training to create better solutions. The spiral line of the body shows how these connections of our body relate to our shoulder health and movement.

That is why we place heavy emphasis on different stances that make us use our feet, our core, and our hands to connect the entire body. When we use strategies like half kneeling, split stance, and more, we start to see how fast we can increase the function of our whole body, especially when we use diagonal patterns.

When we see the true solutions that we can have a big impact upon in our training, we can make our training so much more efficient.

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