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Sinister Saturday Workout

Sinister Saturday Ultimate Sandbag Workout

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Nothing like the weekend to get in some great training! I know, there are the kids, the weekend chores, but to get up, and hit a solid workout sets up to take on all the weekend challenges! 

Of course I am having some fun with this, but I do love the weekend workouts. It seems like I can slow down a bit and really think of my Ultimate Sandbag workout, the movement, and connecting to my body. That is why I wanted to share with you one of my favorites. 

The Ultimate Sandbag Bear Complex workout is awesome! It allows for many different levels, options, and is one of the most darn effective workouts even if it is for no longer than 20 minutes. 

Your mission?

Pick one version from the video above. 

Aim to accomplish 5 repetitions, rest for 30 seconds, then hit it again! See if you can hit 10 sets with that simple scheme. I guarantee when you try this series you will feel parts of your body that you didn’t know. Yea, if you do DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs you already know this! 

Enjoy the workout and weekend!