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Smart Fitness Through Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

sandbag exercises

It is probably the number one thing that people walk away with from our DVRT events…”it isn’t the tool!” That is kinda a weird thing when you would probably expect for me to harp about how awesome Ultimate Sandbag workouts are and to be honest it is a bit more complicated.

Recently, it became so much easier for me to explain as I have been helping my neighbor regain her fitness and health. She had asked me to help because she use to be REALLY into fitness and fell off because how unhealthy her habits became.

I think a lot of us can relate to that because we start our fitness programs with healthy intentions and then for a myriad of reasons they become a bit more compulsive. None easier to point to than social media making people more nuts about their workouts!

In training my neighbor just a few times it was so cool seeing her get in such better touch with her body. Even though she had been REALLY into working in the past, going through our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts was a different experience for her.

Not because “sandbag workouts” are trendy, “functional”, or anything of the sort. Rather, because we were using each movement with a higher purpose of teaching her how to use her body better.

This excited her as for the first time ever she saw her fitness as more than burning calories, getting “toned”, or the typical things that most of us start fitness with in mind. Instead, she was becoming more thoughtful of how she used her body, how she performed each movement, and getting to the REAL purpose of her training.

sandbag workouts

This was also reaffirmed to me in another way when we had our DVRT certification in Northern California this past weekend. It was an really fun, eclectic group of fitness professionals. What I loved to see and hear was how they saw themselves getting better not because sandbags are somehow some magical implement. It was focusing on HOW we use Ultimate Sandbag workouts to teach them to better understand their body and movement.

When people see the “cool stuff” that we do in our Ultimate Sandbag workouts, they often don’t understand the building blocks that were required to make things of great complexity look fluid and efficient. Yet, that is really what we are chasing after in our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts. We want to be more athletic.

Yes, I realize you might be scared that using such a term is well beyond what your fitness goals are nowadays, but athletic to us means being agile, coordinate, graceful, strong, and mobile. When we put fitness in those terms then something very interesting happens, we become more engaged in the process of fitness and it becomes what it was once meant to be. Once upon a time (actually not THAT long ago) fitness was meant to develop the “whole person”.

It wasn’t just getting lean, lifting a lot, and the sort. Rather, a mindful “practice” of developing the mind and body together. Exploring our innate abilities to the highest level as an integrated approach to well being. That sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be in the past though.

When you look at our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts don’t see just a cool move, exercise, or tool. Look to see the bigger purpose as DVRT Master, Danny “Twoguns” show below….

If a new way of thinking of fitness is what you are after, don’t miss our upcoming DVRT events HERE