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Ultimate Sandbag Workouts to Build Glutes & Avoid Low Back Injuries

ultimate sandbag fitness

People wonder where our ideas for DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts come from. The reality is they come from my experiences of over 20 years in the fitness industry. Interestingly enough, the times I have been wrong have been the most beneficial. Thinking about such times gives me the ability to share some important ideas and explain why our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts are something so different, but important!

It is funny, I remember when I first started training I couldn’t really deadlift in the gym I was working at. They used those octagon shaped plates and anyone that has used those knows they are a bit risky to deadlift. I begged the gym to get regular plates, but I could tell they had no problem with people not deadlifting heavy.

Once upon a time I was a competitive strongman, if it taught me anything it is the impact of not aiming for the perfection in your movement can cause to your body! 

Back then I wrote them off as they obviously don’t want people getting results. How DARE they not let people deadlift heavy! I was convinced that’s how you make people better and was a must for all my clients.

I was wrong. I will say it, I was wrong.

I’ll tell you why shortly, but here is the funny part to me. Back then I was questioned left and right that this was a good idea. So many people said I was crazy, but I dismissed them because their training ideas were outdated. The reason I was wrong doesn’t actually make them right because their solutions weren’t better.

Trust me, I know that a lot of people are saying deadlifts are good for the low back. They are right and wrong at the same time as well. Where are they right? The motion of the deadlift can be really useful in teaching how to use the legs and glutes while bracing the core. Good lifting mechanics and building up the RIGHT muscles can potentially help low back issues.

So, where are they wrong? We are WAY too relaxed with technique. Too many times coaches allow clients to perform with lousy form because they are in a rush to go “heavy”. You see upper backs bending, lost of core stability, and far too much lifting in the back. In other words, they take a good motion and make it a bad exercise. Why? Because they are way too focused on load.

I get it, I hear about champion powerlifters doing the same, but let me ask you two questions. One, do you know champion powerlifters? They often have a lot of issues including hips and low back, so not sure if they are the best example of health. Second, are YOU a champion powerlifter or have ambitions to be one?

Sure, I know, you solved it, you are using a trap bar! Honestly, for a lot of every day people it is probably better. However, we still see many of the same issues. Especially because a trap bar doesn’t always fit everyone’s build and doesn’t allow them to create the proper body tension to prevent misloading their bodies.

The other part is what science shows us. Lack of hip mobility and control of the hip in all the movements in can create is far more a predictor of low back issues than the linear movement that most of us are familiar with.

Yes, strong glutes are important, but your glutes function far more than just moving up and down. In fact, it is the ability for your glutes to RESIST motion and function in different planes of motion that is far more related in injury resiliency and performance increases. Like what? Below are some of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts that train the hip in all different ways.

Below is another series of progressions to build more functional glute strength, but JUST as important the integration of the core with low risk of injury. Focusing on these moves in your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts can be a real game changer!

I know you might think, “how in the world can these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout ideas compare with a super heavy deadlift?” Well, according to spine expert, Dr. Stuart McGill, “lower back health is highly correlated with endurance, while those with stronger and more powerful lower backs are more commonly injured. The secret is to have power at the hips – something you’ll see in world-class lifters.” As they say, it really is all in the hips, so you better know how they work and train them the way they were designed to move in ALL directions!

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