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Some Great Holiday Workouts

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We know that more than likely you are celebrating the holiday today or just spending time with the family and that is the BEST reason to stay healthy! We also know that a lot of you feel really good when you workout, we like to think especially with DVRT workouts. That is why we are going to keep today simple and give you some quick holiday workouts that are both effective and respectful that today isn’t about focusing on your fitness, but spending time with family and enjoying the benefits that a healthy lifestyle offers us.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday no matter what you celebrate or how you celebrate. Most of all, we want to thank you for making us a resource to entrust with giving you fitness information that makes you strong, fit, and most of all healthy and happy! We have several great things leading into 2020!

Thank you to our awesome DVRT instructors at Envision Fitness in Maple Ridge, British Columbia for these wonderful workouts!!

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