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Soul Sucker Workout

Soul Sucker Workout DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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I know, probably not the most endearing name for a workout! Doesn’t make you necessarily rush into the gym and look to hit it, well it might. 

Yea, I wanted something challenging, but more than just hard, something that would make you REALLY think about some fundamental things about movement. 

I know challenge workouts are nothing new at this point, but I like using them for a different reason than many. 

Seeing fatigue and just making you tired isn’t a great goal to have. However, many forget that fatigue can teach us quite a few things if we use it with the right purpose. 

Most people simply try to survive a challenge workout, you hear excuses for bad form due to the hard feelings that fatigue create. 

As legendary football coach, Vince Lombardi, once said, “fatigue makes cowards of us all.”

Now, how can you be a coward in a workout? In DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training we see it in a variety of ways. 

For one, it means creating deliberate fatigue for a specific reason. It isn’t just about blasting ourselves every day. This has been shown to lead to burnout and lack of progress rather than being careful of how much fatigue you create and when. Knowing how to add layers of conditioning over time is one of the most important things we can develop in our fitness. So many people are far too worried about training in completely sterile and “perfect” environments. Learning how to deal with fatigue is actually important both for mental and physical reasons. 

More interesting to me though is looking at what fatigue teaches us about our ability to perform at a high level in spite of it! Just because you completed a tough workout doesn’t make it a good workout! Rather, how you performed the workout is still far more important to me. Training at a high level with fatigue is obviously an advanced form of training. People that are more new to training can’t demonstrate great technique when high levels of fatigue are present. This is only possible with preparation over time. 

Can you not only keep your form, but can you feel where you are getting tired? Can you feel where your compensations want to come about? It is easy to give in to these things and let little technique flaws become created here and there, no problem right? If you choose to turn your head then you are missing the point of optimizing these challenge type of workouts. 

Yea, when your heart is pounding and you are questioning why you are putting yourself through such a workout, you begin to remember because life is not perfect, and being prepared for a wide array of challenges in life is meaningful. You dig deep and don’t just think about how you are going to get through this next set, but you raise the bar. How are you going to hit another perfect rep! How are you going to think about all the little things that make for perfect movement when you really just want to give up?! If you do things right, you will find a sense of accomplishment that goes beyond a few pounds lost or hitting a novel new exercise. Being able to overcome obstacles and actually EXCELLING is a pretty powerful result that most people never talk about. 

So, when you perform our Soul Sucker DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout there are a few rules. 

1. Only great reps are counted and if you can’t perform great reps you are done. (record how far you got)

2. Record the time it takes for you to get through the workout and use that as your standard to beat more than weight. 

3. Use two Ultimate Sandbags, one that you find pretty challenging but could perform 6 Clean and Press repetitions with, one lighter (hopefully this is closer to your Clean and Press test weight).

4. For the ladder of repetitions of 1-4 you will use the heavier Ultimate Sandbag, for the remaining ladder of 5-7 use the lighter Ultimate Sandbag

5. If the squats are very easy, use a pause at the bottom, but these need to be DEEP squats!

6. The clean and press reps have to go to lockout over the crown of the head!

7. There are only two exercises so don’t cheat them!

8. Try to take as little rest in between reps as possible, a good standard is to try to match number of deep breathes with repetitions performed. One Clean and Press, then one deep breathe, One Front Loaded Squat, one deep breathe, then work your way up to seven of each! 

Perform these two movements for 1-2 rounds. Remember, quality determines how many rounds you perform!

ultimate sandbag training

Be focused, be determined, and really be involved with every movement you make! Oh, if you do so, you might just enjoy the Soul Sucking workout!

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