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Speed and Strength Workout

Annmarie Licatese, DVRT Master (The Fit Foodie Mama)

You’ve heard that strength training can help you prevent injuries, build muscle and run faster.  You’ve probably also heard that incorporating speed work into your routine can help you pick up the pace during races.  

My routine consists of both.  Typically I don’t run two days in a row and my schedule usually alternates between strength training days and running days which include at least one day dedicated to speed whether in be in the form of fartleks, tempo or intervals. 

Of course there are the days when I combine both strength and speed which might just be my favorite.  It always might make me crazy but as a runner, I’ll take that as a compliment.  

Crazy or not, my point being is that these workouts make you feel pretty badass and I realized that I haven’t shared one in a while.  

In the past I’ve taken my Ultimate Sandbag to the track twice (total body and core), the treadmill and even on a hill workout.  Today, this quick little doozy can be done on either the track or treadmill or even outside if you have a GPS handy.  

This one involves a run at your 5K pace, sprinting and strength exercises with the Ultimate Sandbag that focus on the upper body and core. 

Of course, the exercises aren’t picked at random, they’re there to not only help you get stronger but also to MOVE better.  

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of each exercise: 

Ultimate Sandbag Training Rotational Overhead Press.  The beauty of the rotational overhead press with the Ultimate Sandbag is that practices transferring momentum from your legs to your upper body strengthening your hips, core and shoulders to improve posture and performance.

USB Offset Bent-Over Row. This is another exercise that is all about multitasking.  Bent-over rows challenge the core stability and works to strengthen the muscles in the upper back which translate to powerful arms when running.  By performing the Offset Bent-Over Row with the Ultimate Sandbag, you work to strengthen each side unilaterally.

Clean Grip Carries. Carries are an amazing way to build upper body and back strength and trunk strength which is imperative to proper running form and performance.  It’s also a great way to build your work capacity so you can go further for longer. 

Overall you’re logging just over 2 miles (a quarter mile worth of loaded carries) and 80 reps but I promise, you’ll be sweating up a storm.  

I recommend starting with a 25-30 lb Ultimate Sandbag Power Bag for women with the goal of working your way up to a 40 lb Strength Bag

Feeling froggy? Give it a try and let me know how it goes!