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Stop Having Pain Prevent Your Fitness Goals

sandbag exercisesI’ve almost never had a client come to me with the goal of learning a specific exercise. Sure, I’ve had fitness professionals come to me for DVRT, kettlebells, and a host of other training methods. Even they aren’t really looking to learn exercises, we are all chasing the same thing. How do we achieve BETTER fitness goals?!

I’ll be the first to say that I have my own fitness goals and I don’t train to just workout. That is one reason many people fade in their workouts and get “bored”. There is nothing for them to strive for, they don’t know if they are getting better, there are a lot of issues with not having fitness goals to go after.

At the same time, I’ve never seen anything that stands in front of one’s success like pain. I think we have all seen it. Our friend, family member, maybe even ourselves. We get on a mission, THIS is the time we are going to nail our fitness goals, we are going to make a real change. For a short time our mission looks like it is on target! We are training hard, we feel like we are pushing ourselves, and then IT happens!!!

We start to hurt, things don’t feel “right”, our body starts to get more challenging to get ready to train and the idea of training starts to get very hard to be motivated. Heck, who among us wants to go workout hard if our body feels horrible?!

That is why with DVRT we spend such a great deal of time talking about the “little things” because if you feel good when you train, your motivation, intensity, and consistency improves. The easiest way to keep people on path of achieving their fitness goals is to simply make people feel GOOD!

Sounds great, but how do we do it?

Of course it isn’t just one thing, but a combination of good principles to put us on a good path.

Learn the Intent Not the Task!

In today’s fitness landscape it isn’t hard to go on social media and learn about 100 new exercises. They all promise to get you to your fitness goals and many of them can sound like they make perfectly good sense. However, most people are stuck focusing on the exercise and not the true intent of the movement.

What do I mean? Most will try to describe the purpose of the exercise, but few really drive home HOW we are suppose to use our body to create the results we want from the movement. A great example is how Gail Fitness describes what we are REALLY trying to do with our lateral drags.


That’s why we spend time really breaking down what we are trying to teach our body through these DVRT movements. Once  you realize the intent, not just the task, the whole exercise changes. I know people don’t like a lot of talking in their videos but if you don’t get what we are REALLY trying to do, achieving those great fitness goals sounds like a bad infomercial!

Building a Strong Foundation

The idea of building a good foundation isn’t a new idea, but it means different things to different people/programs. In many circles it means “mastering” certain exercises. For us, it means learning how to use our body for the different movement patterns that our body is suppose to be able to perform.

The difference is that we aren’t about any one exercise, but rather where do we fit on the movement strength continuum and what exercise best represents our needs to achieve our fitness goals?

DVRT Australia Master, Cam Ward, shows how simple it can be to build good foundations of not just strength, but mobility, and stability as well. Achieving great fitness goals means having the ability to have high levels of all three of these qualities, not just one. When people develop an imbalance in these qualities is when we see the biggest issues!

It is by building these strong foundations that we can really achieve so many fitness goals at once. We can also create so many more layers to our training like DVRT Master, Cory Cripe, demonstrates with his client. Combining these movement patterns to develop programs that are fun just as much as they are effective!

The coolest part to us is how real people are achieving great things with DVRT not because we have magic, but we have purpose and a system behind our training that directs people to success! Nothing disables a training program, but also our life like pain. Our goal is to help people live their best lives possible by learning that exercise doesn’t have to hurt, but can build something so much more meaningful in their lives. THAT is why great fitness goals can result in giving people something so much more than weight loss or even strength gains. Finding that life has so much more to offer us!

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