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What Strength REALLY Looks Like

People that follow our blog posts more recently may not realize how they have really transformed over the past 12 years. For a long time we spoke a lot about strength, especially how it looks in the real world, not just the gym!

We did some TOUGH workouts, exercises, and yes, we used some super challenging loads. What I found though is that people jumped into a lot of these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts with out much foundation or preparation. Yes, even those that had a solid strength training background found DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to be just such a different beast!

That’s why, especially this past year, we spent way more time discussing how to set a good foundation of strength. That is why DVRT Restoration is SO important to us because it helps people learn WHAT they need to be good at to get to the point where they can do some pretty intense training.

It might come across like we never really “lift” like you would see in some gyms. It might seem like DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises are good for “conditioning” or some core strengthening exercises. Well, it is, but I’ll be honest, it kicks butt for getting SERIOUSLY strong too!

I mean, the name of our largest Ultimate Sandbag is the “Burly” because it is just that! The most challenging, dynamic, strength test of not just Ultimate Sandbags, but maybe ANY strength training tool!

That is because it has the perfect blend for serious strength. It has load which we all know is important for strength. It has dimension which makes ANY exercise more challenging because of its changing leverage. It has instability, it has the potential to actually MOVE more than any of our other Ultimate Sandbags.

You could see why so many people really make a gut check when they start approaching the Burly Ultimate Sandbag. Sure, it may sound a bit intimidating, but it is all these things that give you such super strength at the same time!

Most people think the Burly is beyond them because 100 pounds is FREAKIN’ heavy in “sandbag land”. However, starting with even 60 pounds (3 fillers with 20 pounds) is enough to get a lot of people learning what real world strength training is all about! I usually look at the Burly like this….

60 pounds: starting point

80 pounds: strong foundation

100 pounds: you are pushing yourself

120 or over: okay, you are a bad ass!

The best part is that even if you use the Burly, the DVRT system doesn’t change. We never sacrifice quality movement or our goal of functional fitness just because we go heavier and more challenging. In order to show this, check out how DVRT Master, Greg Gergely Perlaki (who is also helping at our UK DVRT certification HERE) , does some seriously great training with an 85 pound Burly below.

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