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Strong Workouts for the Weekend

Ultimate Sandbag fitness equipment

The weekend can be a bit of a double edged sword when it comes to getting in some strong workouts. On one hand, a lot of people don’t feel the pressure of rushing to work or trying to squeeze in a workout during lunch or after work. At the same time, a good number of people have more personal commitments on the weekend because typically the work week is over. I’ve found in many ways, the same challenge of getting in some strong workouts during the week can be present during the weekend. Time, focus, and energy are always some of the biggest obstacles in getting the type of training in that we really want to achieve.

That is why I love our DVRT coaches that continue to supply great and strong workouts that show you how we can provide those solutions for time efficient, well focused, and effective training. While we often try to do this once a week, listening to people struggling to keep their motivation for tackling strong workouts I hoped sharing another day of some great options would actually inspire you or whomever may need it to keep trying to move forward in any way possible. Without further to do, here are 3 awesome strong workouts for you to try this weekend, or whenever you need that boost!

Workout #1


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A post shared by Cory M. Cripe (@corymcripe)

This great workout by Cory Cripe is a short and sweet training that compromises on nothing! The instability training, the power training, the multi-planar training, the whole body training, it is an amazing workout for 3 exercises. How can you go about doing it? Aim for. a circuit of the following…

A1. Shoulder Forward Lunge Right x 8-12

A2. Rotational Kettlebell Press Right x 6-8

A3. Shoulder Forward Lunge Left x 8-12

A4. Rotational Kettlebell Press Left x 6-8

A5. Lateral Drag x 4-6 per side

Rest about 30 seconds per exercise and you can repeat as many rounds for 20-25 minutes

Workout 2

Coach Robin Paget gives another great example of how to achieve so much with very little! When it comes to space, equipment, and time, strong workouts like these show us that we don’t have to overly complicate things if we are focused on good principles of movement. How can you tackle this great workout? Try the following…

A1. Single Leg Hip Bridge with Pullover Right x 8-10

A2. Bent Rows x 10-12

A3. Single Leg Hip Bridge with Pullover Left x 8-10

A4. Lateral Front Loaded Squat Right x 8-10

A5. Thruster Push-ups x 15-20

A6. Lateral Front Loaded Squats Left x 8-10

Rest about 30 seconds per set and repeat for 2-4 rounds

Workout 3


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A post shared by Ara Keshishian (@thestrongdna)

Ara Keshishian shows one of my favorite ways to have strong workouts when it seems like I am being pulled in so many directions. Our DVRT Flows are great ways to train the whole body at once, build all around functional fitness qualities, and train conditioning and strength at the same time! The way I recommend to use Flows is to time yourself doing a set of about 5 reps (6 tends to be on the very high side if you are using the appropriate weight) and the time you complete a set becomes your rest time. If you need longer you can add about 15 seconds and slowly decrease the time over your. workouts. In many Flows we have two sides as Ara shows, that means you would do one side of about 5 reps, rest, and then go to the other side, and so on. I aim to accomplish about 15-20 minutes for such workouts but you can do as little as 10 minutes. An amazing way to do so much in such little time.

We hope this gives you some inspiration that you and your goals are important and you don’t have to sacrifice other aspects of your life to accomplish them. Don’t miss our last few days of 30% off all throughout DVRT! Save big on not only our top selling Ultimate Sandbags HERE, but online certifications like our DVRT 1 & 2, Restoration, LIFT, & PKM Certifications HERE and online DVRT workouts HERE