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Super Strength Saturday

Super Strength Saturday DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Style

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It is Saturday! I love the weekends as it seems like things just slow down a bit. Well, of course when we aren’t traveling. For those now sacred weekends I am home, I definitely like to find the time to spend a bit more focus, energy, and overall time on things that I really enjoy doing. 

You know that means my own DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. That is why the weekend is the perfect opportunity to do my warm-up and really gear into a challenging DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout

This DVRT Ultimate Sandbag serious strength workout is one of my favorites. Shot with DVRT Master, Rich Mejias, we combine many different elements of fitness into one workout. Different forms of strength, combining static and dynamic strength. Stability work and of course focusing on various movement skills. Now THAT is a workout!

Your gym can be anywhere, break the norm!

Here is my challenge to you though. Don’t just focus on getting through the workout. Be present, slow down, and really think about what you are trying to accomplish through each repetition.

Like the static/dynamic front loaded squat in this workout, don’t just bounce, rush through the pauses, or grunt out repetition. Think about how you are positioning your body, are you holding tension in the right place, are you keeping the best alignment possible?

Fitness like many things in life are the result of the details. It is amazing what happens when you try to be more mentally present into your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts. You become so much aware of yourself, your body, and the workout becomes something more.

See how you do in the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout and if it is not the weekend, find time for yourself to not just workout, but train for something more!

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