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Game of Thrones Workout

To be very honest, I really didn’t get it. That is until DVRT Master, Troy Anderson, half jokingly and actually quite seriously said, “it reminds them of Game of Thrones.” What is “that”?  I had seen a rash of people […]

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Spartacus Ultimate Sandbag Workouts 2.0

Something that some people don’t realize is that we are coming up on our 13th year of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts, that’s pretty crazy! In the past 13 years we have met and worked with some pretty incredible people. Throughout […]

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Modern Gladiator Workout

Save 25% for the Holiday Season by Using Coupon Code “holiday” HERE (*excludes combo packages and educational programs) I don’t often get to be lazy and do nothing, but after week after week of work, taking Sunday easy wasn’t a […]

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