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How Fitness Is Getting Low Back Pain ALL Wrong!

I actually have great sympathy for the modern fitness professional. For me, when I began in the late 90’s, most of the information we could learn about training came largely from textbooks (okay, we were all guilty of looking at […]

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The New Science Of Low Back Pain

Go online and you would think we have the solution to low back pain. You know, the problem that is one of the biggest causes of disability in the world, that cost just in the US around 134 billion dollars! […]

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Back Exercises For Better Posture & Shoulder Health

There are a lot of bizarre and not backed by any evidence theories in fitness that seem to gain more and more momentum. Some of the oddest stem from the ideas that exercise can not help posture and that your […]

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How To Get SOOO Much More Out Of Deadlifts

I’ve heard it probably now for the past 10-15 years…”If you want strong glutes, hamstrings, and low back, then you gotta deadlift!” or something like “if you want real functional strength that you gotta do your deadlifts.” The reality is […]

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The 3 Biggest Myths Of Low Back Pain

Since I was 14, I’ve battled low back pain. It was during a high school basketball game and I got shoved in the back and dropped with horrendous pain. Taken to the ER, doctors told me I had herniated discs […]

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