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Flow State & Chronic Pain

There is a reason that we discuss chronic pain so much here, more than 50 million people in the US have chronic pain. That’s A LOT and the issues can trickle down into a host of other health issues such […]

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Mobility Training Vs. Stretching Exercises

Pretty much everyone gets into fitness at some point or another and hears that they should stretch and that it’s good for them. I remember being a young coach in the late ’90s, the major reason to do stretching exercises […]

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How Depression & Anxiety Are Overlooked in Chronic Low Back Pain

With our MIM Chronic Low Back Pain MasterClass coming up, I wanted to hit on a topic that you will almost NEVER hear discussed in fitness circles and to be honest, just as rarely in physical therapy. The reason is […]

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The Pain In The Fascia, Why You REALLY Have Chronic Pain

Chronic pain of ANY sort is not just a bad thing, but something that can really ruin one’s life! In fact, the U.S. Veterans Affairs Department has some staggering stats about chronic pain. -Approximately 15% to 35% of patients with […]

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How To Get Strong & NOT Get Low Back Pain

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator DVRT Rx Low Back Course, DVRT Restoration Certification, Knees Over Toes Course, DVRT Rx Shoulder, Knees, Pelvic Control, & Gait Course) There was a time I would lay in bed every morning with a pretty […]

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