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The Most Misunderstood Ultimate Sandbag Core Exercise

We live in a really weird time, as social media has become more of a staple in our lives it has dictated how we act, feel, and often think. That usually leads to us only seeing the end of result […]

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The Modern Strongman

They often say you are you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. With time being a premium nowadays, I choose to be around really good people and coaches. People I can learn as […]

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3 Reasons Your Shoulders Suck & Ultimate Sandbag Exercises Can Help

Save 25% on DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Workouts and Gear with Coupon Code “spring2018” HERE  Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist I often think it is funny when people think we make things hard with our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises. Why? When […]

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3 Ways Ultimate Sandbag Workouts Helps Bad Shoulders

This past weekend was another fantastic first. It was my first time I got to present at the Perform 1-Day conference in Fairlawn, New Jersey. I was along side some industry greats like Coach Dos, Gray Cook, and Brandon Marcello […]

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