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10 Exercises Better Than Deadlifts

The Time to Save 25% on DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Gear is Ending Soon with Coupon Code “dvrt25” HERE I can’t thank you all enough for the extremely kind well wishes so many of you sent me when I announced […]

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Farm Strong Ultimate Sandbag Training

Don’t Miss Our BIG NEW Site Launch with 25% Off DVRT Ultimate Sandbags with Coupon Code “dvrt25” HERE   Troy Anderson DVRT Master Instructor (Alpha Kettlebell) Personally I love when folks just  step in it (pardon the farm pun) …… […]

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Better Than Burpees

When it comes to a lot of things in our lives we like to spend time on “better”. Can even something like burpees find better? Better tv shows Better computers Better shoes Better cars We TYPICALLY look for better, that […]

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Maximizing Ultimate Sandbag Training MAX Lunge

Raymond Lee, DVRT Master There may be no DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise that has become more famous and infamous than maybe the MAX Lunge. 

Having been using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and being certified for almost 3 years now, […]

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