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Mobility Training Vs. Stretching Exercises

Pretty much everyone gets into fitness at some point or another and hears that they should stretch and that it’s good for them. I remember being a young coach in the late ’90s, the major reason to do stretching exercises […]

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The Pain In The Fascia, Why You REALLY Have Chronic Pain

Chronic pain of ANY sort is not just a bad thing, but something that can really ruin one’s life! In fact, the U.S. Veterans Affairs Department has some staggering stats about chronic pain. -Approximately 15% to 35% of patients with […]

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THIS Is The Reason We May Be Getting Joint Mobility All Wrong

I use the term joint mobility all the time, but as I interact with coaches and reflect on how people THINK of the term, joint mobility, more and more I think we are getting it all wrong. When I refer […]

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Why People Get The Posterior Oblique Sling Idea About Lats ALL Wrong

When you have been doing anything for almost 30 years, it can seem extra frustrating when people misrepresent interesting concepts that can actually help people. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think people deliberately get things wrong, but they get […]

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We Need To Rethink Mobility Training

There are benefits of having done something for many years as long as you stay open to evolving and getting better. The biggest plus to doing something like coaching for over 25 years is you have made A LOT of […]

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