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15 Minute No Excuses Workout

  I do expect some violins to be playing as I tell you that I get it! No, I really do! Having time to really focus on your own workout can be really tough!  When I ran my own gym […]

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The Best Exercise For Runners

Annmarie Licatese, DVRT Master (Fit Foodie Mama) Total body exercises are popular and for good reason, they give you the biggest bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time.  In particular, exercises like burpees, and thrusters get a lot […]

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3 Exercises for Better Running Strength

DVRT Master, Annmarie Licatese I’ve said it before.  In fact, I have said it more times than I can count but I truly believe that if you want to run faster and make running feel easier than you absolutely HAVE […]

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Ultimate Sandbag Training Outdoor Workout

DVRT Master, Annmarie Licatese, (FitFoodieMama) Like most parents, I am counting down the days until school starts back up in the fall.  I crave routine and the little bit of time that I get to spend alone.  I use that […]

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Real Fitness Results for Busy Parents

  Annmarie Licatese, DVRT Master Instructor (TheFitFoodieMama.com)   Busy.  It’s a word some people throw around but a word that moms AND dads know the real meaning of.  You’re not just a parent you’re the teacher, the nurse, the chef […]

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Fitness For The Busy Mom!

When I think of the “big picture” goal of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training I INSTANTLY think of helping ANYONE and EVERYONE get the fitness results they really want. Not just the elite, not just those that live and breathe fitness. […]

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