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We Missing The REAL Point Of Breath Work?

I’ll be honest, I had a REALLY hard time appreciating that breath work was as important as what seemed like everyone I knew was touting. It appeared that no matter the problem, the answer that was being given was “fix […]

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Getting More Done With Less

There is being a minimalist for the sake of claiming you are a minimalist and then there is doing what is most efficient. While many people will debate the heritage of the modern functional fitness training equipment. I get most […]

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My Crossfit Experiment

Possibly the LAST thing you might expect me to be talking about less than 6 months post three spinal surgeries is doing a Crossfit WOD. Well, at least if I still had any sanity left (which is always debatable). However, […]

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Are There Excuses

Are There Excuses?   It is one of the greatest things fitness loves to say, “NO EXCUSES!!!!” I’ve always had a bit of a problem with this concept. Most notably that I haven’t walked a mile in many people’s shoes.  […]

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