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Squatting Without Knee Pain

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator DVRT Restoration Certification, DVRT Rx Shoulder, Knees, Pelvic Control, & Gait Courses) Often times as a physical therapist I hear patients say, “ I can’t squat, my knees hurt too bad.” Or I get fitness […]

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Why This SHOULD Be Your Favorite Squat

They say you shouldn’t have a favorite kid, but in the world of DVRT even I have my favorites. Now, having favorite exercises can be problematic if you aren’t defining why they are your favorite drills. For example, if you […]

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The Best Squat For Great Strength & Mobility

Being 6’4 and having played basketball for over 10 years when I was younger, saying the squat was NOT my favorite exercise is an understatement! I would do anything to avoid my mobility issues, movement compensations, and more by telling […]

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