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The Best Power Exercise For Glute Training & Core Strength

When it comes to glute training and core strength, power exercises usually don’t pop into people’s minds. It’s too bad because that is where the REALLY great work for glute training and core strength happen! The glutes are part of […]

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Why Glute Training Is Silly

This isn’t clickbait, I honestly think the mentality of glute training is quite silly. Why just the glutes? Which gluteal muscles? Since the glutes are not designed to work by themselves, why do we take the approach of trying to […]

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Best Exercises for Core Training & Glutes

Sometimes we have such great content we want to share it takes me a little time to update you on the cool stuff happening at DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Like how INSANE last week’s Perform Better Summit in Providence was […]

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Building Real Glute Training Workouts

I am excited because coming in a just a couple of weeks is the start of the Perform Better summits. For those that may not know, Perform Better has been running one of the best fitness educational events for probably […]

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The Best Ultimate Sandbag Exercise for Core, Glutes, and Shoulders

I think I have pretty well documented the fact that I have been a fan of the get-up for quite some time (how about this as one of my first sandbag exercise articles in 2005 HERE). I fell in love […]

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