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How To Nail This Power Move For Strength & Conditioning

There are just some of our DVRT movements that become super popular because people find them relatable to exercises they already think are great. People love our plank lateral drags because they make plank training better and many love our […]

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Avoid The Mistakes Of HIIT Workouts

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s the idea of using high intensity interval training (HIIT) and the predominant way to lose body fat and improve conditioning was REALLY controversial. Low intensity steady state aerobic training had long dominated fitness […]

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The Power Clean To Build Better Power, Glutes, & Stability Training

I agree with the idea that foundations are important to being successful in literally any endeavor. However, what I disagree with greatly that is a common saying in fitness is, “stick with the basics.” Literally NO sport or movement practice […]

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How To Build Great Strength And Conditioning

People are busier than ever, so, finding ways to accomplish all we want in our workout programs in a short amount of time is a goal for many. That usually revolves around finding ways to build great strength and conditioning […]

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3 Exercises to Help Your Clean and Press Challenge

Since we have started the “Level Up” Clean and Press Challenge we’ve seen many in our DVRT community getting back to a standard that gives so much information about your training, where you should be going with it, and giving […]

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3 Tips To Get Powerful Workouts Anywhere!

A lot of coaches are being told they can’t help people unless they do things like they have always done them. While many will espouse the “good ole days” (not sure when that was but people keep telling me about […]

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