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Why This SHOULD Be Your Favorite Squat

They say you shouldn’t have a favorite kid, but in the world of DVRT even I have my favorites. Now, having favorite exercises can be problematic if you aren’t defining why they are your favorite drills. For example, if you […]

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The Best Squat For Great Strength & Mobility

Being 6’4 and having played basketball for over 10 years when I was younger, saying the squat was NOT my favorite exercise is an understatement! I would do anything to avoid my mobility issues, movement compensations, and more by telling […]

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Build Strength & Flexibility At The Same Time!

  It sounds too good to be true. You can get strong AND more flexible at the same time? You can! Why don’t more people do so? Chances are because most people largely believe that strength and flexibility are still […]

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One Exercise for Ultimate Hip Flexibility

I’ll be the first to admit it. I never was an incredibly flexible person. Sure, I can try to make excuses, but I can’t remember a time that I possessed great flexibility. Interestingly enough people will link qualities like strength, […]

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