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Are HIIT Workouts As Good As The Hype?!

This past two weeks have been really nuts for us at DVRT! We have had the National Strength & Conditioning Conference AND the IDEA World conference that we were a part of. While we LOVE these opportunities they definitely make […]

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What’s Wrong with HIT Workouts?!

Don’t miss our great NEW DVRT Workouts HERE Want to lose fat fast? Use HIT workouts! Want to get in great shape? Use HIT workouts! Don’t have a lot of time for your workouts? Use HIT workouts! Seems like anything […]

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Ultimate Sandbag Training For Better Cardio

If I ask people, “how do you measure if someone is in shape?” Most of the answers are going to revolve around “conditioning”, “endurance”, or the infamous, “cardio” concept. Interesting that most people still probably default to these ideas when […]

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