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The Better Squat For Strength, Muscle, & Mobility

When it comes to something so foundational to strength training like the squat, is there anything left to say? I think there are some key points that people keep missing out on the squat, that if they REALLY want to […]

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3 Reasons NOT To Heel Wedge Your Squats

I just came back from a great 4 days of teaching DVRT courses in South Korea. It is amazing to think how DVRT is continuing to spread throughout the world and exceeding what I could ever imagine that our training […]

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Building The Success In The Best Lower Body Exercise…Lunges

I know when I workout, I want to know the most efficient way to get to my goals. The tricky part is when I or others say this, it is that we usually have multiple goals at once. You may […]

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The Best Squat For Mobility, Strength, Stability, & Power

We keep hearing that if you want strong legs you have to barbell back squat. This is one of my favorite examples of what is known as “gym science”. Meaning, an idea that gets promoted heavily through many gyms, but […]

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Great Squats You NEED To Do!

Having a better understanding of how your body works, isn’t something you do just so you can show off online. I truly believe, “knowledge is power”, when we truly understand concepts of movement strength training. A great way to illustrate […]

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