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Is It JUST Calories In, Calories Out?

Megan Berner, Dietitian (Nourish To Flourish), Fitness Coach (Fitness Lying Down) When it comes to nutrition, calories are a big topic of discussion. At their most basic definition, calories are units for energy. The technical definition is the amount of […]

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Ultimate Sandbag Workouts for Functional Muscle

Ian Vaughn, DVRT Master (Creator of DVRT Strength & Muscle) With the popularity of functional training growing, simple movements like bicep curls get outlawed by “functional fitness gurus” as not a optimal way to train and if you do you’ll […]

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Best Way to Build Real World Muscle with Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

Pretty funny to admit, hearing from the guy that is know for Ultimate Sandbag workouts. I don’t think I told many people this…when I was a teenager I REALLY wanted to be a bodybuilder.  I was never the fastest, could jump […]

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