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The 3 Biggest Myths Of Low Back Pain

Since I was 14, I’ve battled low back pain. It was during a high school basketball game and I got shoved in the back and dropped with horrendous pain. Taken to the ER, doctors told me I had herniated discs […]

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Save Your Shoulder Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator DVRT Restoration & Pelvic Control) Far too many times we only address a problem when it actually becomes a problem. I see it all the time in clinical settings, people only address their movement dysfunction, […]

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Best Planks You Aren’t Doing! Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator DVRT Pelvic Control)   Planks are the go to for just about anyone in fitness nowadays. That’s pretty impressive since probably only a decade ago crunches and sit-ups reigned supreme. However, if you have been […]

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Save Your Low Back Ultimate Sandbag Training

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist It was one of the most helpless feelings in my life. Having gone to school for eight years, having been in my career, at that time, for five years. Yet, with all that training as a […]

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How Ultimate Sandbag Workouts Change Your Life!

Get your FREE copy of our NEW “DVRT Jump Start Program” with any purchase of our best selling Ultimate Sandbags HERE I don’t know if you read DVRT Master, Annmarie’s great post a few days ago (you can read it […]

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Building Real Glute Training Workouts

I am excited because coming in a just a couple of weeks is the start of the Perform Better summits. For those that may not know, Perform Better has been running one of the best fitness educational events for probably […]

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