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Stop Doing Leg Curls For Hamstring Workouts

It was the late 1990’s and I thought I was so ahead of the curve as I was learning from one of the top strength coaches in the industry about how if I turned my foot outwards on the leg […]

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How To Get SOOO Much More Out Of Deadlifts

I’ve heard it probably now for the past 10-15 years…”If you want strong glutes, hamstrings, and low back, then you gotta deadlift!” or something like “if you want real functional strength that you gotta do your deadlifts.” The reality is […]

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Why Glute Training Is Silly

This isn’t clickbait, I honestly think the mentality of glute training is quite silly. Why just the glutes? Which gluteal muscles? Since the glutes are not designed to work by themselves, why do we take the approach of trying to […]

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