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How To Nail This Power Move For Strength & Conditioning

There are just some of our DVRT movements that become super popular because people find them relatable to exercises they already think are great. People love our plank lateral drags because they make plank training better and many love our […]

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3 Ultimate Sandbag Exercises for Real World Power

I think it is the idea of functional training that throws most people off. In many ways we have really two ways of looking at the idea of functional training. However, either way I think you are going to see […]

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The VERY Best Kettlebell & Ultimate Sandbag Exercise

I like to think it is what I do best, connect dots. In all honesty, I don’t look to be controversial, nor do I blindly buy into what is trendy. Sure, it gets me in trouble sometimes, but what is […]

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The Best Real World Strength Exercise

It is one of the most interesting conversations we hear at DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Ask the average fitness person if “sandbag training” is good and they will give you a definitive “HELL YEA!” Ask why and chances are they […]

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