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The Power Clean To Build Better Power, Glutes, & Stability Training

I agree with the idea that foundations are important to being successful in literally any endeavor. However, what I disagree with greatly that is a common saying in fitness is, “stick with the basics.” Literally NO sport or movement practice […]

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Going Beyond Planks with Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

In our last blog post (here) I spoke about the impact power training has to not just getting you more fit, or driving up your metabolism, but quality of life as well. That meant we were talking about not just […]

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The Best Ultimate Sandbag Exercise for Core, Glutes, and Shoulders

I think I have pretty well documented the fact that I have been a fan of the get-up for quite some time (how about this as one of my first sandbag exercise articles in 2005 HERE). I fell in love […]

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Save Your Low Back with Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

We recently moved to Las Vegas, I know, LAS VEGAS! Anyone that knows us would think of Las Vegas as one of the LAST places you would find us. We fell in love though, with the outdoor side of Nevada […]

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