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Planks Are SO Boring

YAWN! That is how most people really feel about planks right?! I mean, have you ever read a workout or written a workout and went, YES, I can’t wait to do my planks! Now, just because we don’t like something, it […]

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Crunches and Sit-ups Are Dead!

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist   Now, I know when I say this it is going to get some people going. Sit-ups and crunches are DEAD!  Yes, I know there will be THAT guy that tries to argue why we need […]

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Bridging the Gap of Core Training

Raymond Lee, DVRT Master (Uprise Training) As many of us here may have noticed, recently there were a lot of topics related to core strength. Its not just because we wanted market that ‘Ultimate Sandbags can make you a good-looking […]

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Can Real People Handle Core Training

  Today’s post was really inspired by you guys!  On social media I saw this great picture by Greg Perlaki out of the UK. I was inspired because it is obvious that Greg really gets what not just DVRT Ultimate […]

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Beyond Planks Crawling Exercises for Core Strength

I remember it was one of the most challenging things we use to do for conditioning. Off-season basketball was far worse than in-season. While much shorter, our coaches made it their mission to get us both mentally and physically ready […]

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Why You HAVE to Use THIS Core Exercise

I always knew core strengthening was important, but the past few months have really shown me HOW MUCH!  I know talking about core exercises and strength has become a bit uncool for some. It become very “in vogue” to say […]

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