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Ultimate Sandbag Training for Better Backs & Strength!

DVRT Master, Ian Vaughn (Creator of DVRT Strength and Muscle Program)  Fitness is full of fun memes, right? We say a lot of things that unfortunately don’t always mean a lot or point us in better directions with our training. […]

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Best Ultimate Sandbag Squat Exercise

There is little to really argue if squats are good for us, but I want to talk about something different. Are all squats really equal? I can’t tell you how many times I see people post videos of different types […]

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Better Squats to Unlock Your Fitness

We have long heard that squating is essential to success in one’s chosen sport. Yes, there is a lot of good evidence that squatting can improve one’s performance; however, that is not the only reason Squats are considered one of […]

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Great Squats You NEED To Do!

Having a better understanding of how your body works, isn’t something you do just so you can show off online. I truly believe, “knowledge is power”, when we truly understand concepts of movement strength training. A great way to illustrate […]

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The Fast Way to Save Your Back!

I love it and sadly we don’t get enough of it! That is questions from you guys on how you can use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to get the most out of your training. After all, our goal isn’t to […]

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