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How Science Based Balance Training Improves Your Life

Recently I was thrilled to attend the first ever symposium on “The Science Of Tai Chi & Qigong as Whole-Person Health”. This amazing event was put on by the world renown, Harvard Medical School. You know with that type of […]

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The 3 Biggest Myths Of Low Back Pain

Since I was 14, I’ve battled low back pain. It was during a high school basketball game and I got shoved in the back and dropped with horrendous pain. Taken to the ER, doctors told me I had herniated discs […]

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Why These Dynamic Side Planks Are OFTEN Done Wrong

It is probably the MOST common question in fitness, it goes something like this… “I don’t have equipment X, what can I use instead?” Don’t worry, I get the question and it’s fair based on the responses that most fitness […]

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How To Build Great Strength And Conditioning

People are busier than ever, so, finding ways to accomplish all we want in our workout programs in a short amount of time is a goal for many. That usually revolves around finding ways to build great strength and conditioning […]

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DVRT University Is HERE! Your BIGGEST & BEST Exercise Library

Why did we start DVRT University?  That’s probably the most important question before anything else! Over the years we have heard the feedback from our DVRT community that they wished there was a singular place where they could go back […]

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