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Kettlebells & Ultimate Sandbags Are The Same?!

I get asked almost once a month, “Josh, you must have a TON of kettlebell people into DVRT right?!” You would THINK that the crossover of Ultimate Sandbag Training and kettlebells would be a rather natural one. After all, I […]

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3 Things Your Fitness Never Needs

For about a week I was removed from social media. That’s because in China it is hard to get access to your normal outlets. I don’t regret teaching there, but that break was almost needed. As soon as I did […]

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Why Overhead Strength is Life

  We often say they are related, but many times they are on polar opposite ends! Health and fitness usually share the same title, but ironically, we treat them so differently in real life. I hear it all the time, […]

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The Modern Strongman

They often say you are you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. With time being a premium nowadays, I choose to be around really good people and coaches. People I can learn as […]

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The Key to Real World Strength

The Key to Real World Strength   Today’s video was inspired by the Farm Strong environment  Even more so by the act of ‘doing work’ aka work capacity which is held in high regard here on the farm and yet seem to allude almost all […]

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