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Game of Thrones Workout

To be very honest, I really didn’t get it. That is until DVRT Master, Troy Anderson, half jokingly and actually quite seriously said, “it reminds them of Game of Thrones.” What is “that”?  I had seen a rash of people […]

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Drive Your Conditioning WAY Up with Ultimate Sandbag Training

It is hard for people to buy into things being “too good to be true.” I get it, I am often far more of a skeptic at things, especially at first. However, when I tell you how Ultimate Sandbag Training […]

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Power Deadcember Workout

  Hopefully you are starting to see a theme with our Deadcember workouts. That is the best way to sometimes improve an exercise is not to just work on the exercise itself, but to build qualities of the body that […]

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Better Than Burpees

When it comes to a lot of things in our lives we like to spend time on “better”. Can even something like burpees find better? Better tv shows Better computers Better shoes Better cars We TYPICALLY look for better, that […]

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