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Is It JUST Calories In, Calories Out?

Megan Berner, Dietitian (Nourish To Flourish), Fitness Coach (Fitness Lying Down) When it comes to nutrition, calories are a big topic of discussion. At their most basic definition, calories are units for energy. The technical definition is the amount of […]

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Why Stress Is Killing Your Fitness Goals

For years I struggled as a coach because honestly, I just wasn’t as prepared to help people as much as I thought. Don’t get me wrong, I could tell you the science of training, I had great training programs for […]

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The Perfect Fat Loss Workout

Several years ago I was at a conference where one of my favorite coaches were speaking, Pavel Tsatsouline. Now, Pavel is best known for making kettlebells popular in the world again, however, he does know how to talk some other […]

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The Behavior of Fitness

One of the best parts of doing DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is the incredible people we get to meet! Having been fortunate enough to be apart of top fitness facilities in over 13 countries, we get to work with people […]

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