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Taking Body Weight Exercise to the Next Level


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People often tell me how much they love body weight training. I get it! It is super accessible to most people, the cost is right, and people like to feel in control of their body.

However, when people often tell me that body weight training is where people should start, I often say, “well, it depends.” Many naturally assume that bodyweight is the easiest form of training and yet, it also requires the most amount of body awareness. The reality is that most people need some feedback upon where their body is in space and where to apply force.

We see it all the time in the body weight squat. Ask a person off the street to squat and it is typically going to look like something in the picture below. However, give them some feedback (a DVRT Squat Press Out is a great example) and all of a sudden they squat really well.


Probably STILL better than most would perform on their initial performance of the squat.


Still think body weight is always the best place to start people? 



That feedback taught them how to move, where to move, and how to create the right tension so they COULD move well. These lessons are things we want people to learn, but can be hard to communicate only upon. That is why using the right exercise is very helpful in not just training, but teaching people valuable lessons in movement.

Ultimately PROGRESSION, not variety is the key in developing success in fitness. Here is the good and bad part though, most people can’t really distinguish between progression and variety. Of course the bad side is the fact then people don’t know WHEN to use an exercise or how it fits into the big picture of their training.

By understanding simple concepts of progression you can build more effective workouts. Like today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training video blog shows. We wanted to show how DVRT doesn’t just work for Ultimate Sandbag Training, but any piece of fitness equipment you decide to add into the equation. For this lesson it was the TRX, a great piece of equipment that fits perfectly into the whole scheme of what DVRT is all about.


Watch as we build some simple to complex progressions and find out more how you can learn the same HERE the industries most comprehensive fitness education, or want to just see how to program DVRT to some of your favorite forms of training? Check it out HERE