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I first learned of the DVRT system three years ago at a chiropractic conference. Little did I know that my prayers were going to be answered for discovering that missing component to my care that I had been seeking for years. A magnificent complement of structural correction with whole-body, real-life movement strength training. My primary way of care is to restructure the spine and skeletal framework. So to provide a means to come along side that with a science-based system that reinforces those changes from the ground up has propelled my capabilities to deliver life-changing results for my patients. Helping them become more structurally symmetrical, while concurrently training their bodies to navigate gravity – to produce AND resist forces, in all three planes of motion through the DVRT system – man, that equals smarter, better moving, more resilient to injury, real world strong patients……patients who then can do what they want in life and not hurt anymore. ” I can’t thank Josh and Jessica enough in words what their commitment and teachings of the DVRT system has done for my practice!