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The 15 Ultimate Sandbag Complex

The Unstable Nature of Fitness-

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workout Programs

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It is one thing to have fast workouts, it is another to make sure they actually mean something! 

Nowadays people are doing plenty of “stuff”, yea, a lot of it can even make you sweat a lot. 

If you think that is all fitness is then you are missing out, big time! 

One of the big reasons I am so adamant about what DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts can do is because of how many needs we cover. What do I mean? 

The most obvious may be the instability of the Ultimate Sandbag. Now a lot of people assume variable resistance tools like the Ultimate Sandbag are suppose to be these wildly imbalanced implements. Quite the contrary. 

The reason that I recommend people begin with our sand Ultimate Sandbags is because they offer slight instability. We don’t want it to be crazy, otherwise we would be extremely limited. Heck, that is why most people just walk with slosh pipes and if they try to do anything else they nine times out of ten fall on their butts or worse! 


Remember, instability needs to be progressive and the instability of the Ultimate Sandbag itself is just one form in which we introduce this concept. This makes each repetition different enough where you have to work harder than you would with any other strength training tool, you simply can not groove it. 

However, instability in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs come in other forms as well. In a recent podcast I did with renown strength coaches, Robert Dos Remedios and Will Fleming (you can listen for free here), I discussed how the dimension of the Ultimate Sandbag is almost always overlooked. When you go to another sized Ultimate Sandbag you are not just going heavier, but BIGGER too! This changes the stability, the amount of work being performed throughout the body, and makes a modest weight in other arenas seem really tricking hard!

Lastly is the plane of motions, the planes of what? Think of simply as the different directions we can move. Why is that important? Listen, if you want to be that person that blows out their back picking up a pencil after bragging to your friends about how much you train in the gym then don’t worry. 

If you want to really make your body bullet proof and increase you strength in real life ways, then you will want to change the direction in which you perform various exercises. Literally EVERY exercise can be manipulated this way and it really opens up the options in your training if you learn just simple ways to use it. 

Best part is that it really gets you in some phenomenal shape and brings back really the whole point of training, to increase your athleticism. I know you may never play a sport, but that moment when you need to be athletic, you will be glad you did. 

You know like when you want to play with your kids. 

When you have to get some groceries out of the bottom aspect of your cart. 

Going out to play softball or golf with some buddies and not be fearful that you are going to be in a wheel chair for days after. 

Yea, THOSE times! 

DVRT Master Instructor, José Angel Lizarraga Osuna, has some phenomenal DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Workout complexes that give you the ideas in which your body can move with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training!


Try it and see if you don’t start to rethink your fitness!