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The 7 Best Exercises for 2015!

 The 7 Best DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Exercises for 2015

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I thought it would be awesome to start 2015 off with some BIG HITS! That is why I asked some of our DVRT Master Instructors to share THEIR favorite DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise and why it is so amazing and unique. After reading this list, are YOU using all these DVRT drills? 

 Amanda Thebe, Fit N’ Chips Fitness:

Rotational Lunge

“For me it feels so good to move out of the saggital plane and to get that spine to spiral – I also love how the shoveling technique has help improve my clients hip hinge, they really feel the lock-out at the top”

James Newman, Owner Quest Fitness: “For most people it’s the first real introduction to multi-planar training and the idea of being able to control movement in 360 degrees. It is equal parts grace, power, finesse and strength. It can be humbling. It is also the exercise that first made me fall in love with DVRT…..I say… stick with the girl that brung ya’ to the dance!”

ultimate sandbag training

Kari Negraiff, Co-Owner Envision Fitness

Cross-Behind Clean

“As a former speed skater and strength coach to numerous hockey players I cant think of a better exercise for developing dynamic strength for the skating stride and cross-over”

ultimate sandbag training

Lateral Drag

“Nothing lights up your core with a more functional and integrated strength approach than these bad boys!!”

ultimate sandbag training


Larisa Witoshkin Lotz:

Front Loaded Good Morning

“Nothing feels better than a great hip hinge with good posture .. The placement if the bag in the front position always teaches my clients to brace the anterior core .. Not just posterior”

ultimate sandbag training

José Angel Lizarraga Osuna, Owner Personal Studio: Centro de Entrenamiento Híbrido:

Front Load Squat

because mirrors a standing plank and this position must resist more flexion in the trunk and also Distinguish from Zercher from this position because the mass of the barbell sits much lower than the Ultimate Sandbag Plus has more dimension with also causes more anti-flexion forces”

ultimate sandbag training

Daniel Jackowicz, Owner Twogunz Fitness:


“The combination of dynamically and rotationally hinging and the deceleration strength required cannot be mimicked in any way by another exercise.”

Josh Raphael, Owner Omni Fitness and Performance:

 Clean and Press

“Teaches the user how to produce the right amount of force to move the Ultimate Sandbag. Gets the heart rate up fast to torch fat and blasts the core!”

ultimate sandbag training