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The Bad Ass Clean & Squat Challenge

The Bad Ass Clean & Squat Challenge-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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 When you think about the “bang for your buck” type of training, there is a short lists of exercises that really make the list. There are plenty of good and great exercises, but as far as those that really transform your fitness, I would say a strong group of five. Now, here is the thing, within those five there are awesome variations that really take things up a notch!

One such case is that of Cleans and Squats. I have to admit, it has surprised me the revitalized popularity that Cleans have received. Not so long ago, it was largely believe that such lifts were only reserved by top athletes and not even all athletes. It is now pretty well accepted that Cleans are for everyone!

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Now, I have to admit, I do have a bit of mixed feelings to Cleans and Squats. It is ironic that something that requires a lot of power, strength, and stability (a good Clean) is pretty common place, yet, most even fitness pros don’t think more than maybe a Goblet Squat is possible for most people. Hmmm, a bit of a contradiction. 

That is why I think we can look at movement a bit differently. At DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training we aren’t trying to make you feel weak, but rather see where our weaknesses have been hiding. If we can make those your strengths, it is incredible to see how people’s movement and functional strength change pretty dramatically. 

A great example is this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout. Set with the idea of both building extreme efficiency in your training AND looking to find where weaknesses may lie, this is a great play on Cleans and Squats. 

How do you do it? Pretty simple, set a clock for no more than 25 minutes (less is fine). You are going to perform workouts “on the minute”. What does that mean? 

Start your clock, you will perform 5 lateral cleans and 5 shoulder lunges. Whatever time you finish in is the time you have left to rest. You will only do this to one side and should take you approximately 30 seconds (if you are much faster then the weight is too light of your Ultimate Sandbag). So, it will look like the following….


Minute One: 5 Lateral Cleans & 5 Shoulder Lunges

Minute Two: 5 Lateral Cleans & 5 Shoulder Lunges the other side

Minute Three: 5 Sprinter Stance Cleans & 5 Front Loaded Sprinter Stance Squats

Minute Four: 5 Sprinter Stance Clean & 5 Front Loaded Sprinter Stance Squats Other Side

Minute Five: 5 Bear Hug Cleans & 5 Bear Hug Squats

Repeat this for up to 25 minutes!

I must warn you! You will start off feeling really strong, but by the second cycle you should start feeling how you are earning some serious DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training work. More than just trying to get through the workout though, see if you can start to feel where your body wants to cheat and really become focused on hitting perfect reps!