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The Best Anti-Aging Fitness Program

This past year it has become even more important to me. Sure, lots of people talk about it, we say it is important, but how many believe it is THE most important thing? I’m talking about that all elusive, vague term, movement. Something we can’t really define, but at the same time the ONE thing we all say we are striving towards improving. 

There are a lot of people talking about movement, but few can really tell us what we are trying to achieve, or why it is such a focus of fitness nowadays. Of course, any good idea gets taken to extremes. I am not talking about the movement that allows you to post ridiculous pictures and videos on social media. I’m talking the type of movement capability that makes you feel good, play with your kids, and gives you the energy to actually WANT to workout!

Doesn’t sound that sexy does it? I mean living a good life where you can get out of bed and not take 10 minutes to just warm-up? Yea, it may not get you thousands of likes, but it will only improve your life. I recently got to talking with fitness professionals over the age of 40. It is funny to hear how priorities, interests, and focus changes over time. Not in a bad way, I think in a really interesting way. I start to see that more and mroe. 

While laying in a hospital bed only six months ago, having doctors check your toes to see if you can even move them is a sobering experience. Doing the fantastic new gym exercise of the week begins to fail in “coolness” to being able to walk on your own. 

Of course your own experience or situation may not seem as severe. My guess though being in the industry for over 20 years, you have some limitations. Putting up with big weights is cool, feel good is way cooler. Far too many people wake up and endure the day in pain. That sucks! Yea, when you are in your 20’s you think it will go away, if you just add more muscle or get a bit leaner things will be better. 

The key to be young is this thing called movement. Being able to do the things you want, when you want, without the fear and hesitation that many of us feel over the years. Movement is about living life well, by feeling our best. That may or may not be completely achy free, but giving us the ability and desire to do the things that matter most to us. 

Unfortunately, the people that need movement the most are those that are getting older. That might be a relative thing, but as much as we talk about age being a number, the reality is we accumulate more milage over the years. Good quality movement helps cut some miles off and make us feel much younger. That is the inspiration I receive from so many coaches that apply the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training concepts to older clients. 

It is cool to see how people not just workout, but train to live better. Check out how these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training movements can be accessible to anyone! How are you going to help yourself and others live, feel, and perform you best?

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