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The Best of Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

It has been really cool to see people embrace Ultimate Sandbag exercises more and more. Not just because they are hardcore, “old school”, or anything like. Instead, when people see how our Ultimate Sandbag exercises create better solutions it doesn’t become about the tool, but the result. Isn’t that what we SHOULD be after?

One of the things I think people are beginning to appreciate more and more is that there are so many nuances in our Ultimate Sandbag exercises that make a simple looking drill way more powerful than people may have initially thought.

A great example is our front loaded position. Simple enough, it just looks like we are holding our Ultimate Sandbag in the front of the body and some believe it is no different than holding a barbell in the front rack position or double kettlebells.

That is until they try it! Instead of using the ground to create the resistance the Ultimate Sandbag replicates the effect to build that standing plank. That means these Ultimate Sandbag exercises have to create the same tension against the Ultimate Sandbag that we would see in the plank.

Once you see how the small differences make such a huge impact you will find one of the big reasons we say Ultimate Sandbag exercises are so powerful. There is no other piece of equipment that allows you to connect important chains of the body like so many of these Front Loaded positions.
sandbag exercises
What I am talking about is how the simple action of pulling the Ultimate Sandbag apart turns on your lats and core. That makes so many exercises that you see in this position not only incredible ways to strengthen your core, but also makes you move better.
The simple act of dropping the arms down and losing this tension shifts the load to your low back, not your core muscles that make you feel strong. The load of the Ultimate Sandbag is unique too because the dimension of the different Ultimate Sandbags can put more load on your core. Where most implements keep the same size, going larger makes it more challenging to keep these connections and hits so many muscles at once!
That is why doing any drill with the front load position makes Ultimate Sandbag exercises huge metabolic exercises. Which is great to be able to strengthen and get a strong HIIT training effect at the same time. We also can use this to our advantage because many people can’t have the high impact of many conditioning drills and when you consider the small amount of space that Ultimate Sandbag exercises require, it becomes an amazing win-win.
I bring up these ideas because people are continually shocked at how such small topics yield such big results. Try some of these Ultimate Sandbag exercises we show in today’s post. Don’t miss saving 25% all throughout our DVRT site with coupon code “strong” HERE (excludes live events).