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The BEST Fitness Tool?!

The BEST Fitness Tool?!-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

Now, before you think this is some shameless plug for our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training hold on one moment! I actually got the inspiration from a blog post from a very popular industry professional, I mean VERY popular! The point is not to name names or embarrass anyone, but rather be thoughtful about some of the things we think about. 

So, I’m reading his newsletter and the conversation is about what is the BEST fitness tool! I was kinda intrigued by the lead in, I was curious where he would go and what he would name. I was kinda shocked to find out it was a piece of cardio equipment that the cheapest model is $2000! 

Does the piece of equipment not work? No, it works. Is the piece of equipment challenging? Yes, it can be VERY challenging. My issue really comes from the fact you can only do ONE thing with it! That comes out to $2000 an exercise!!! If that one exercise could solve EVERY need and goal I had, maybe? But then again, I think I would get kinda bored. 

Boredom is a much lower concern than what we can actually accomplish. Can we use it for corrective exercise? Nope. Can we use it for movement based training? Not at all. Can we work on building strength AND conditioning? Pretty much a conditioning tool only. 

Let’s think about some other considerations?

-Can you travel with it? 

-Can we hit on weaknesses of the body?

-Can we improve flexibility? 

You quickly see that while there is nothing wrong with HOW the piece of equipment is used, when we break down what makes for great training it is actually very limited. I know, we all sometimes confuse things that make us breathe really hard as beneficial. But, have you ever tried a DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Clean and Press challenge? Flow? Complex? WOD? Yea, making you breathe really hard isn’t all that difficult. Doing EVERYTHING else can be the challenge! 

Now, here is a more staggering consideration, PRICE!

That was one of the big things we considered when we created DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, we saw it as an investment. It doesn’t matter if you are a fitness professional making your living from your equipment, or an enthusiast that puts your hard earned money into your passion. EVERYONE has to think about their return on investment. 

For that same $2000 you could have 16 Ultimate Sandbags, four of each size! That would give you well over 400 exercises you could perform. By changing our math around we take it from $2000 an exercises to $5 an exercise and that is if you purchase 16 Total Gym Ultimate Sandbag packages. 

 ultimate sandbag training

If you are already an Ultimate Sandbag user you know adding to your gym is awesome, but those starting off, just two Ultimate Sandbags can get you very far. That is where things get crazy. If you started off with even just a Starter Ultimate Sandbag combo makes the return on investment down to .50 cents an exercise, crazy right?!

When people ask me why I think DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is the best fitness tool, I simply ask, “what can’t you do with it?!” That pretty much sums it up right there!